2020 Global R&D Funding Forecast

+ Special Update August 2020

Each year, R&D World publishes a much-anticipated in-depth report on global R&D spending and global trends in its prestigious Global R&D Funding Forecast (GFF). This major report focuses on the next year’s investments and marketplace changes. The 2020 GFF is the 61st year for this well-known market analysis.

Expanded format for 2020 + How COVID-19 is disrupting 2020 Global R&D Funding Forecasts

Across the economic spectrum, the executive leadership in all R&D industries recognize that R&D investments are the key to innovation. The long-term and short-term investments made by industry, government and academia for the coming year are what everyone is watching closely to help plan R&D budgets and growth strategies.

These investments are often crucial for ensuring the long-term economic growth and even the very survival of many organizations. Every organization is confronted with a host of challenges — tightening budgets, federal regulations, data security, limited resources, rapidly changing technologies, expanding competition, environmental constraints, workforce evolution and ever-increasing costs, among others.

Our Global R&D Funding Forecast is a first-hand look at the future of R&D spending and an in-depth analysis of these challenges. Created by the editors of R&D World, it is published annually as a public service for R&D executives, scientists, engineers and research managers for the preparation of their annual R&D budgets and their evaluation of the current R&D environment.

Reliable data for over 60 years

This forecast report, published since 1959, is a significant indicator of future trends and provides key insights and unduplicated information that examines the specific challenges for the coming year — including potential winners and losers in R&D. The Global R&D Funding Forecast provides reliable data on more than 100 countries, along with summaries on industrial sector trends, academic research and technology regions around the globe as well as detailed spending plans by U.S. government agencies.

As in the past, the Global R&D Funding Forecast is published in R&D World magazine. This year we are offering an expanded report for purchase, to better guide R&D decision makers and those intimately involved with this critical industry.
The full report, which runs 67 pages in length, contains critical trends and analyses of data in multiple technology areas based on our proprietary research, responses from the global R&D community and current economic reports.

Purchase the full 67 page Global R&D Funding Forecast + the Mid-Year Update for immediate download.

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