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R&D 100 Archive of Winners

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Product Organization Co-Developers
1020 Sodium/Potassium Analyzer Orion Research Inc. W. Michael Krebs
32 bit Microcomputer HP 9000 Hewlett-Packard Co. Fred Wenninger
3Space Digitizer/Tracker McDonnell Douglas Corp. (Polhemus Navigation) James C. Krieg, Ernie Blood
Acoustic Waveguide Corona Probe and Meter Westinghouse Electric Corp.
Americium Refinement Process Rockwell International James D. Navratil, Larry L. Martella, Warren I. Yamada
Analog to Digital Converter Model AN 6859 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Toyoki Takemoto, Michihiro Inoue
Automatic Resistance Thermometer Bridge/Microhm National Bureau of Standards Robert D. Cutkosky
Buffered Layer Technique for SiC Crystal Growth NASA (Lewis Research Center) J. Anthony Powell, Herbert Will, Shigehiro Nishino
BZNT Ceramics Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd.
Cap-Check Commonwealth Edison Co. Merlin Burkum, Timothy O'Regan
Cathanode Gould Inc. (Automotive Battery )
Cease-Fire 2000 McDermott Co. (Babcock & Wilcox Co.) Joseph Widener, Charles C. Logue, James M. Britt
CN 80 HCN Monitor Dow Chemical Co., Kin-Tek Laboratories Inc. Ron Harrington, Bruce Story
CO2 and Gaseous Hydrocarbon Separation Process Cynara Co., Dow Chemical Co., National Bureau of Standards , Dana C. Overman, R. I. Martinez
Compact Pulsed Homopolar Generator University of Texas at Austin William F. Weldon, John H. Gully
D-1000-A Action Analytical Instruments, Pennsylvania State University , Clay Olaf Ruud, Davis Carpenter, Brent Carpenter
Dow Radium Selective Complexer Dow Chemical Co., New Mexico State Inst. Of Mining & Technology , Melvin J. Hatch
ECL-Camac Trigger Processing System Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, University of Toronto Thomas Nash, Edward Barsotti, Stephen Bracker
EDS Coal Liquefaction Process Anaconda Minerals Co., Coal Liquefaction Development Co., Electric Power Research Institute, ENI, Exxon Research & Engineering Co., Phillips Coal Co., Ruhrkohle AG, U.S. Dept. of Energy , W. Robert Epperly
Electro Dynamic Gradient Furnace Mellen Co. Inc. R. H. Mellen
Electroplated Nickel-Copper Alloy Coating U.S. Bureau of Mines Wilbert L. Falke, Leander A. Neumeier
Enhanced Gettered, Controlled Oxygen, Silicon Wafers Monsanto Co. (Electronics ) Dale E. Hill
Fiber-optic Camera General Electric Co., Intricate Machine & Engineering Co. L. H. Sherwin, Sulo Aigala
Formable Metallized Plastics Dow Chemical Co. Virgil B. Kurfman, Henry J. Marton
HC1000 Newport Corp. John McCrickerd
High-Temperature Optical Fiber Thermometer National Bureau of Standards Ray R. Dils
HP 5970A Hewlett-Packard Co. Ned Kuypers
HP 7470A Hewlett-Packard Co. Majid Azmoon
HPSP Hughes Aircraft Co. (Electron Dynamics), NASA (Langley Research Center) , Charles J. Camarda
IEM Dow Chemical Co. L. A. Kershner
IL Video 22 Indiana University, Instrumentation Laboratory Inc. Gary M. Hieftje, Stanley B. Smith
INcut 200 Inland Steel Research Laboratories
Infusaid Model 400 Infusaid Corp. Frank Prosl
Insulated Gate Transistor General Electric Co. (R&D Ctr.) B. Jayant Baliga
Kodak Disc System Cameras Eastman Kodak Co.
Labnet Spectra-Physics Inc. M. P. T. Bradley, Les Miller
LC4B/17 Bioanalytical Systems Inc. Peter Kissinger
Light-Mod Litton Industries (Data Systems ) William E. Ross
Lindy Lidex Corp. Ltd. Michael Cais, Moshe Shimoni
LOMI CEGB Berkleley Nuclear Laboratories, Electric Power Research Institute , C. J. Wood
M-80A Molecular Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Hitachi Ltd. Hideki Kambara
Macrosphere Type M40X Buoyant Filter Media 3M Co. Warren R. Beck, John S. Hunter
Magnetron MDX Drives Advanced Energy Inc. Douglas S. Schatz
MagTec System Valley Forge Scientific Corp. Jerry L. Malis
Martinez-Herron Desulfurization Process National Bureau of Standards J. T. Herron
Mass Spectrometer Engine Analyzer Ford Motor Co. (Research) James W. Butler
Masscomp MC-500 Series Masscomp Lorrin Gale
Maxwell High Frequency High Power Capacitors Maxwell Laboratories Inc., NASA (Lewis Research Center) Wayne White, Paul Hoffman, David Renz
MeV Ion Implantation System National Electrostatics Corp.
Micro Thin Laminate General Electric Co. (R&D Ctr.) Delton A. Grey
Microdryer Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Tomas Hirschfeld
Microsecond Resolution Radiation Pyrometer National Bureau of Standards Ared Cezairliyan
Modal-Tuned Test Hammer Kit PCB Model 291B PCB Piezotronics Inc., University of Cincinnati Richard W. Lally
Model 107 100,000-W Arc Lamp Vortek Industries Ltd. David M. Camm
Model 27 Industrial Analyzer Yellow Springs Instrument Co. Inc. Jeffrey Huntington
Model 788 Dual Wavelength Absorbance Detector for High Performance Liquid Chromatography Micromeritics Instrument Corp. Dean Ball
Model GM1 Micropower Gaussmeter Applied Magnetics Laboratory Inc. Charles A. Castronovo
Model SS280 Microprocessor Controlled Laser Balancing System Mechanical Technology Inc., NASA (Lewis Research Center) David P. Fleming
Mold Cooling Analysis Program General Electric Co. (R&D Ctr.) Kamar J. Singh, Hsin-Pang Wang
Multifunctional Weather Radar System Toshiba Corp. H. Hata
Multiple Frequency Eddy Current Testing Instrument Oak Ridge National Laboratory W. E. Deeds
Multiple Frequency, Eddy Current Testing Instrument Oak Ridge National Laboratory C. V. Dodd, L. D. Chitwood
Neutron Imaging Detector Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) M. G. Strauss, R. Brenner
NIFE Aluminide Oak Ridge National Laboratory C. T. Liu, C.C. Koch
Noncontacting Suction Force Generator NASA (Langley Research Center) Harlan K. Holmes
Optimate Corning Glass Works (Gilford Instruments Inc.), Miles Laboratories Inc. Randy Bradshaw, Thomas M. Li
Oral Biomaterials Evaluation System MTS Systems Corp., University of Minnesota (School of Dentistry) Wes Johnson, William Douglas, Ralph de Long
PAM Mentor O & O Inc. David L. Guyton, John S. Minkowski
PLC-SIM Harrick Scientific Corp. N. J. Harrick
Polysil Polytech Co. Rosalia Torres
Precision Electric Current Sensor Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Frank F. Cilyo
PVD 1000 Tylan Corp. Syd Groves
Questar QM1 Questar Corp.
Quick Clear Windshield Glass Donnelly Mirrors Inc. Lowell Bitter
Reciprocating Magnetic Bearing North American Philips Corp. (Philips Laboratories)
RetroSil Dow Corning Corp. Terry Michaud
RS/1 PLUS Bolt, Beranek & Newman Inc. Chan Russell, Fred Webb, Robert Wells
SDL 1000 Spectron Development Laboratories B. Percy Hildebrand
Silicon Integrated Circuit Westinghouse Electric Corp. G. M. Borsuk, G. Beard, E. Chesson
Silicon Nitride Cutting Tools S8 Ford Motor Co. (Research) Andre Ezis, S. K. Samanta, K. Subramanian
Silver Recovery Process Oak Ridge National Laboratory Franz A. Posey, Al. A. Palko
Single Mode, Evanescent Wave Coupler Gould Inc. David W. Stowe, Darrell L. Wuensch
sinterable titanium diboride PPG Industries
Slip Ring Stepping Motor Fermi National Accelerator Lab Hans Kautzky
SSX-100 Surface Science Laboratories Inc. Robert L. Chaney
Statsep Instrumentation Laboratory Inc. Kenneth D. Legg
Stirling Cycle Cryogenic Refrigerator NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center), North American Philips Corp. , Fred Stolfi
Supercritical Fluid Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer Battelle Memorial Institute Richard D. Smith
Supersaturated Semiconductor Alloys Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Switch Matrix System Ford Aerospace Corp., General Electric Co., Mitre Corp., NASA (Lewis Research Center)
Tevatron Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory C. H. Rode
Thermalpulse HPLC Flowmeter Dow Chemical Co., Molytek Inc. Theodore E. Miller, Hamish Small
Thin Film Strain Transducer Southwest Research Institute James L. Rand
TR8828B LeCroy Research Systems Brian Cake
Transuranic Waste Assay System Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy)
Ultem General Electric Co. (R&C Ctr.) Joseph C. Wirth
Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectrometer Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Georgia John C. Miller, Robert N. Compton, C. Dewey Cooper
Vista Sci-Tex Corp. Herzlia B. Israel
VLS-1000 Varian Associates Paul Petric
X-Ray Monochromator Oak Ridge National Laboratory Gene E. Ice, Cullie J. Sparks, Melvin Willey
Zirconium Barrier Fuel General Electric Co. J. S. Armijo, L. F. Coffin, H. S. Rosenbaum
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