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R&D 100 Archive of Winners

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Product Organization Co-Developers
Air quality test purified Aircuity Inc., Environment Health and Engineering Eric Desrochers (Primary), John McCarthy (Primary)
Analyzer advances disk R&D ADE Technologies Inc. William Van Drent (Primary), Erik Samwel (Primary), Ferenc Vajda (Primary)
Analyzer deals with diverse data OmniViz Inc., Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Jeff Saffer (Primary)
Bandwidth widens via extended service Cisco Systems Inc., IBM Corp. None
Best of desalination system combined Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), EDSEP Inc. None
Better fluorescence analysis Carl Zeiss Inc., Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH None
Bigger probe saves quality Bruker Biospin AG None
Bionic chip works at cell level Bioelectronic Micro Systems Inc., University of California, Berkeley None
Car-cam watches over you Seeing Machines Pty Ltd. None
Ceramics made tough enough Advanced Ceramics Research Corp. None
Clothing withstands tough temperatures Carbtex Corp., General Motors Corp., N & MA Saville Associates Francis McCullough (Primary), Ernie Johnston (Primary), Neil Saville (Primary)
Coating for greener SUVs PPG Industries Inc. None
Cold container extends shipping life Kodiak Technologies Inc. Rick Hunter (Primary)
Compensator organizes optical signals Lucent Technologies, OFS Specialty Fiber Devices Division None
Device delivers fast, high power Telcordia Technologies Glenn Amatucci (Primary)
Device sniffs out landmines Nomadics Inc. None
Diesel cleans image and exhaust Ford Motor Co., Ford Research Laboratory None
Digital system captures the invisible Vision Research Inc. None
DNA results in 30 min or less Cepheid None
Energy from landfills Acrion Technologies Inc. None
Eye maps help correct vision WaveFront Sciences Inc. None
Fast prep for DNA fingerprinting Promega Corp. None
Faster, broader data storage InPhase Technologies None
Faster, safer water treatment Battelle None
Fiber filters microbes, metals Argonide Corp., National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Russian Academy of Sciences (Design Technology Center) None
Fiber optics measures voltage and current NxtPhase None
First 3-D interferometer Zygo Corp. Xavier Colonna de Lega (Primary), Peter de Groot (Primary), Leslie Deck (Primary)
Flexible data management National Center for Supercomputing Applications, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Los Alamos National Laboratory None
Floor finish has polish Betco Corp. Steven Gwin (Primary), Steven Hanke (Primary)
Fluid handler saves time Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Innovadyne Technologies None
Gas analyzer rings of success Tiger Optics LLC None
Genotyper sets bar for accuracy Promega Corp. None
Glass cleans itself Pilkington Plc Kevin Sanderson (Primary)
Glass produces energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory, BP Solar None
High-throughput crime solving Promega Corp. Allan Tereba (Primary)
Hybrid engine helps environment Toyota Motor Corp. None
Images identify solutions Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Applied Materials Inc. None
In situ spectrometer advances surface analysis Remspec Corp. Peter Melling (Primary), Paul Shelley (Primary)
IR imaging scans brain Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Medical Corp. None
Jet simulator speeds development NASA Glenn Research Center None
Laser beams defense into the future Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) None
Laser diode cools temps, raises performance Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Barry Freitas (Primary)
Leak detector becomes portable MKS Instruments Inc. None
Matrix fingerprint Denso Wave Inc., Toyota Central R&D Laboratories Inc. None
Melting pot for computer networks Argonne National Laboratory, University of Southern California (Information Sciences Institute) Ian Foster (Primary), Carl Kesselman (Primary), Steve Kuecke (Primary)
Mini system, major voice communication Valtronic USA Inc., Motorola Land Mobile Subscriber Group None
Modular flexibility Network Elements Inc. None
Multipurpose smart sensor Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), General Atomics Corp. None
New design for old gauge Welch Allyn None
New design for syringes Amgen, Owen Mumford Ltd. None
New way to manage sound Dow Chemical Co. (Fabricated Products Business Unit) None
NMR opens smaller frontier Bruker BioSpin AG None
Optics map nano defects WaveFront Sciences Inc. T. D. Raymond (Primary), Daniel Neal (Primary)
Optimizer enhances logic design Hitach ULSI Systems Co. Ltd., Hitachi Information Technology Co. Ltd., Hitachi Ltd. None
Oxygen brings new life to art NASA Glenn Research Center None
Paint protects boat hulls, environment Cape Cod Research Inc., E Paint Co. R. Scott Morris (Primary), Myles Walsh IV (Primary)
Perfecting portable videoconferencing Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) None
Phase microscopy with a digital edge IATIA Ltd. None
Photon movies help debug ICs NPTest Inc., Quantar Technology Inc. None
Photons monitor patient vitals SRICO Inc. Stuart Kingsley (Primary), Sri Sriram (Primary), Andrea Pollick (Primary)
Pig picking perfected Iowa State University, Ames (Research Foundation Inc.), Sygen International None
Plastic recyclers see green ReSyk Inc. None
Precise wafer testing Filmetrics Inc. None
Programmable pain relief Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Cyclotec Advanced Medical Technologies Inc., Biophysical Laboratory (Biofil) Ltd. None
Proteomics get much needed speed Eprogen Inc. Timothy Barder (Primary), David Lubman (Primary), Stephen Parus (Primary)
Revolution in chemical analysis Thermo Nicolet None
Robot crystallizes proteins Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Syrrx Inc. None
Robust picoamp measuring Keithley Instruments Inc. None
Safer way to apply metal coating Inovati Ralph Tapphorn (Primary), Howard Gabel (Primary)
Scope with eye-opening insight Welch Allyn None
Self-focusing optical fiber Corning (Photonic Materials) None
Sensor boosts mining safety Stolar Horizon Inc. None
Sensor detects entire RF range Narda Safety Test Solutions, L-3 Communications Co. None
Sensor paves way for auto safety Ploechinger Patent, VOGT electronic AG None
Simpler solar power AstroPower Inc. None
Simplified purification process Mettler-Toledo Co. (Berger Instruments Inc.) None
Software changes microscopy’s view Resolution Sciences Corp. Russell Kerschmann (Primary)
Software expands SEM’s reach Sandia National Laboratories, Thermo NORAN Inc. None
Soybean oil plasticizer Battelle, Ohio Soybean Council None
Stronger, finer grained steel Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory None
Structural test more precise Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Inventure Laboratories Inc. None
Super enzyme, environmental hero Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories Inc. None
Survival of the fittest algorithm Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Nancy David (Primary)
Temperature control leaps ahead Research Triangle Institute None
Tera-scale networking Calient Networks None
Tiltmeter provides deep-seated info Halliburton Energy Services, Pinnacle Technologies Inc. None
Tool makes sub-nano films Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Veeco Instruments Inc. None
Toxin-free air system Atmospheric Glow Technologies None
Transponder narrows digital divide Sandia National Laboratories, EMCORE Fiber Optics None
Tubes self-heal with coating National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Bob Curran & Sons Corp., Ticona Corp. None
Turbine vane keeps its cool Honeywell Ceramic Components, Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corp., United Technologies Pratt & Whitney, United Technologies Research Center None
Ultrasound makes waves Ultrasonic Scientific Ltd. Vitaly Buckin (Primary)
Upgraded optical traps Arryx Inc., University of Chicago Ward Lopes (Primary), David Grier (Primary), Eric Dufresne (Primary)
X-ray detects unseen hazards Digiray Corp., Jet Ray Corp. Richard Albert (Primary), Mike Sorensen (Primary)
Zeroing in on DNA damage Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory None
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