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R&D 100 Archive of Winners

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Product Organization Co-Developers
1980 A/B Hewlett-Packard Co. Bill Risley
2CM405 Permanent Magnet Motor General Electric Co. C. T. Luddy
Alkali Metal Detector General Electric Co. Andrew S. Zarchy
Alloy Analyzer, Model 9266 Texas Nuclear Corp. Peter F. Berry
Ames TDA 3772-3775 Miles Laboratories Robert C. Boguslaski, John F. Burd, Robert J. Carrico
Anisotropic Manganese-Aluminum-Carbon Permanent Magnet Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Takao Kubo
ANL Small Sample Calorimeter, CDP-29-2 Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) R. N. Lewis, R. B. Perry
ATC-810 Twin Engine CPT/IFR Flight Simulator Electronic Associates Inc. Hugh Martin, James Patmore, Donald Albanese
Attenuated Total Internal Reflection Aerosol Impacter Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Stanley A. Johnson, Paul T. Cunningham
Barkhausen Noise Stress Measurement System, Series 200 Southwest Research Institute John R. Barton
Bertea Optical Transducer Parker Hannifin Aerospace Group C. Ed Stevens
Carbon Dioxide Electrode, ISE 10-22-00 HNU Systems Inc. Edwards Atwood, John N. Driscoll, James F. Fowler
Carte Series I Programmable Assembler General Electric Co.
Cassette Coater Model 3180 Varian Associates
Consolidation by Atmospheric Pressure Cyclops Corp. L. W. Lherbier, W. B. Kent, J. D. Buzzanell
Control Data Cyber 205 Computer System Control Data Corp. Raymond C. Kort
Corguide Corning Glass Works
Cryogenic Microminiature Refrigerator LN2102 MMR Technologies Inc. Robert Duboc, Steve Garvey
Cryogenic Microminiature Refrigerator LN2102 MMR Technologies Inc. William Little
Curved Channel Microchannel Plate Galileo Electron Optics Corp. Paul R. Henkel
Deft Industrial Water-Borne Coating Deft Inc. Richard A. Albers
Demand Oxygen Controller Tritec Inc. Keven Chen, Gerald Durken
Diagnostic Immunology Slide General Electric Co. Ivar Giaever
Diamond Machined Optics Process Honeywell Inc. Floyd E. Johnson
Dow XFS 4167.16 L Pressure Reverse Osmosis Permeator Dow Chemical Co. A. R. Marsh
Drexon D-1201A Optical Memory Disc Drexler Technology Corp. Jerome Drexler, Eric W. Bouldin
Droplet Sizing Interferometer DSI 3003 Spectrum Development Laboratories Inc. William D. Bachalo
DTA 1700 System Perkin-Elmer Corp. Simon Babil, Harold Hill, Mike O'Neill, Sid Cohen
Eldon Direct-Fired Gas Water Heating System A. O. Smith Corp. Harry E. Wood
Electric Vehicle Battery Charging System Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) William H. Deluca
Electron Cooling System Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Peter M. McIntyre
Extreme Ultraviolet Monochromator Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide ) Paul J. Caldwell, E. T. Arakawa
Extrion RE-580 Varian Associates Dan Downey
Flame Retardant Polyolefins Borg Warner Corp. Yuval Halpern, Clifton Fleenor
Fluoroelastomer 2182 3M Co. (Commercial Chemicals) Bruce H. Spoo, Allan T. Worm
Gas-Trac Model NGX-4 IIT Research Institute, Northern Illinois Gas James E. Batz
GC Sample CDS Model 320 Chemical Data Systems
Gelled Chemcial Pigs Dow Chemical Co. Robert J. Purinton
Geodynamic Acuumulated Strain Sensor GAS2 NASA (Langley Research Center), U.S. Bureau of Mines Joseph S. Heyman, Larry P. Yoder
Gould ES 1000 Gould Inc. Emmanuel Allard
GT-29 Coating General Electric Co. John R. Rairden, Ronald W. Smith, Mark G. Benz
HA11408, HA11418 Hitachi Ltd. Jinichiro Suzuki
HTC-5000, HTRC 5000 Holocamera Spectron Development Laboratories J. D. Trolinger
Hydran 201 Hydro-Quebec Research Institute G. Belanger, G. Missout
Image Plane Plate PPG Industries Fred M. Ernsberger
Improved Acoustic Emission Tranducer National Bureau of Standards (Dept. of Commerce) Thomas Proctor
Integrated Optical Spectrum Analyzer Westinghouse Electric Corp. D. Mergerian
Iodine-Stabilized Laser System National Bureau of Standards Howard P. Layer
Karatex Adhesive Metsaliiton Theollisus Oy Kaj G. Forss, Agneta G. M. Fuhrman
LARC-TP1 NASA (Langley Research Center) Terry L. St. Clair, Anne K. St. Clair, Vernon L. Bell
Large Propeller Type Wind Energy System NASA (Lewis Research Center)
Laser Doppler Electrophoresis Spectrometer General Electric Co. Egidijus Uzgirus
Laser Wavelength Reference National Bureau of Standards Kenneth C. Harvey
LLNL Compuron Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Daniel C. Thompson
Low Cost Chip Carrier Texas Instruments Inc. Robert D. Vernon
LRS 3200 Litton Industries Inc. Juan B. Vallhonrat
Magneto Microwave Plasma Etching System HE-818 Hitachi Ltd. Hiroshi Okano
Midac Silicon Measurement System Midac Corp. Jerry Auth
Model 1000 Fluoroptic Thermometer Luxtron Corp. Kenneth A. Wickersheim, Ronald V. Alves
Model 1300 Series Computer Controlled Infrared Spectrophotometer Perkin-Elmer Corp.
Model 409 Autocorrelator Spectra-Physics Richard Boggy, Richard Johnson
Model AHP 1700 Air Conditioner Borg-Warner Thermoelectrics George F. Boesen, L. T. Mikalauskis
Motion Analysis System SP2000 Spin Physics Inc. James Bixby
Multi Anode Microchannel Array Detector System University of Colorado (Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics) J. Gethyn Timothy
Newport Research Corp., HC300 Honeywell Inc. T. C. Lee
Omnicon 7040 Image/X-Ray Analysis System Bausch & Lomb Inc. K. Karcich, M. Moore, R. Morton
Optical Disc-Type Still Vide Recorder OSR Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Tomio Yoshida, Takeo Ohta
Orion Research Digital pH/Millivolt Meter 611 Orion Research Inc. John H. Riseman, John Rudy
PA9000 Quartz Digital Pressure Sensor Gould Inc. J. P. Corbett, Walter Eisele
Passive PNA Vapor Monitor Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide) Tuan Vo-Dinh
Photon Electron-Rejecting Alpha Liquid Scintillation Oak Ridge National Laboratory ( Union Carbide ) W. J. McDowell
Polychlorinated Biphenyl Disposal Method Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Dane K. Parker
Pyrotag General Electric Co. Woodfin V. Lignon, Jimmy L. Webb, Chester C. Carson
QRF Ion Exchange Process U.S. Bureau of Mines
Radio Frequency Quadrupole Linac Structure Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Edward A. Knapp
Remote Fiber Fluorimeter Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Tomas Hirschfeld
Retractable Diamond Core Bit System U.S. Bureau of Mines William C. Larson
Rhonda III Quadra-Bubble Memory Technology Rod Henry
RoMHOglas Conductive Mat Lundy Electronics Systems Inc. Richard H. Warfel
Sala High-Gradient Magnetic Separator Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide ), Sala Magnetics Inc. E.C. Hise, A.S. Holman
Scanning Laser Opthalmoscope Eye Research Institute of Retina Foundation Robert H. Webb
Secondary Ion Detection System, PHI Model 3500 SIMS II Perkin-Elmer Corp. Robert L. Gerlach
Self-Restoring Barrier Southwest Research Institute Maurice E. Bronstad
SIPS-SIMS Scanning Ion Microprobe Model 591 Gatan Inc. Peter R. Swann
Specimen Transfer Vessel 04-100, Plumbing 04-150 Perkin-Elmer Corp. Mark C. Miller
Spectra-Chrome 512 Tracor Northern Inc. David Fahrbach
T3R3 Industrial Robot Cincinnati Milacron Inc. Theodore Stackhouse
TermiNet 2030 General Electric Co.
TLC/FID Analyzer Iatron Laboratories Inc.
Topical Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Oxford Research Systems Ltd. Peter Hanley
Toschange Motor Toshiba Corp. Sadayoshi Hibino
Transcience Transcience Associates Inc. Harold H. Kantner
Transverse Joulean Heated Soldering Machine TJ2 AT&T Bell Laboratories Werner Englemaier, Rocco Bonanni, Hans H. Ammann
Turbine-Generator Radio Frequency Monitor Westinghouse Electric Corp. F. T. Emery, B. N. Lenderking, R. D. Couch
Tyrann M/E Puropore Inc. Robert E. Kesting
Ultra-7 Thin Film Platinum Sensor Leeds & Northrup Co. Ronald Baxter
Ultrasonic Interferometer Manometer National Bureau of Standards
Underground Flexible Drill System Bendix Corp., U.S. Bureau of Mines Horace M. Varner
Warm-Forged Bevel and Spur Gears International Harvester Co. R. P. O'Shea, Otto Novelli, Thomas Watmough
Wrought Powder/Metallugy Aluminum Alloys-X7090 Aluminum Company of America Walter S. Cebulak
X1-2594 Glazing Dow Corning Corp. Bernard Van Wert, Beth Gutek, Cedric Currin
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