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The system places a new material onto a base material (purple beam, right) as the last sample that was made is analyzed and sent to the AI (green beams, brain, left). The AI tells the pulsed laser deposition machine what to do next.

AI taking the reins in materials discovery

Apple Intelligence

As Apple Intelligence debuts, a quiet AI army is taking shape

Automated robotics futuristic electric cars factory production line as wide banners with statistics of production and efficiency as wide banner with copy space area

China opens roads to self-driving cars; Taiwan insists on global talent for Nvidia expansion in this week’s R&D Power Index

Data scientist salaries

Why data scientists are the new architects of product innovation

STEM/R&D jobs

Where America’s STEM and R&D jobs are and what pays the most

AI chip conceptual image

Infinita Lab founder on AI, hardware limitations and the future of material science

SwRI’s demonstrates ultra-low emissions from hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty engine

Unveiling blockchain’s revolutionary impact on R&D

Microplastics are bad, but ignoring science is worse

How meme-promoted science makes it difficult to focus on what's factual