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Medical case with biohazard held by gloved scientist

Los Alamos National Laboratory and OpenAI to test genAI-based biological threats

BERT embeddings

What embeddings are and how to explore them in R&D

Huawei R&D center

Shanghai gets $1.4B boost from Huawei for 5G/6G and autonomous vehicle research

Firefly a photorealistic trillion-dollar question mark, made up of discrete GPU chips in a data cent

Some pundits sound alarm on AI’s $1 trillion gamble

ISE Labs facility in San Jose

Storied semiconductor firm ISE Labs doubles R&D space with new Silicon Valley facility

Compliance and Governance, Illustrate a scenario that highlights how advanced document management technologies ensure regulatory compliance and governance standards. The overall style matches the clean, professional, and minimalist theme by lois van baarle --ar 16:9 --sref Job ID: b0dfcc5b-6f45-4914-9825-201e4258eeeb

Certara’s AI answer to medical writing challenges in pharma

3D illustration of a molecular model of an antibody.

From Palantir to methane-hunting to organoids: Why this tech vet is building a lights-out lab to make drug discovery more like software development

Scientist, man and tablet for laboratory research, DNA analysis and results in medical study at night. Young science expert or people in biotechnology, digital software or computer for test checklist.

How the replication crisis threatens R&D and what to do about it

Quantum logo collage

EDF, Alice & Bob, Quandela, and CNRS team up to enhance quantum computing efficiency