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Product Organization Co-Developers
A cool solution for mobile electronics GrafTech International Ltd. Lennie Anderson (Primary), Jesse Arnett (Primary), Alex Augoustidis (Primary), Doug Baker (Primary), Brian Bartos (Primary), Lionel Batty (Primary), Jim Bizon (Primary), Joe Capp (Primary), Frank Dornauer (Primary), James Glover (Primary), Doug Harrison
A debugger for supercomputing R&D Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), University of New Mexico, University of Wisconsin Dong H. Ahn (Primary), Bronis R. de Supinski (Primary), Gregory L. Lee (Primary), Matthew LeGendre (Primary), Martin Schulz (Primary), Dorian Arnold (Primary), Barton Miller (Primary)
A green coat for PVA polarizers Industrial Technology Research Institute Shih-Ming Chen (Primary), Chia-Chi Huang (Primary), David Lee (Primary), Tzong-Ming Lee (Primary), Young-Jen Lee (Primary), Cheng-Yi Lin (Primary), Jonq-Min Liu (Primary), Shr-Shiuan Shui (Primary), Tsung-Tsan Su (Primary)
A nano-scale difference in water purification Sandia National Laboratories (U.S. Dept. of Energy), University of New Mexico Kevin Leung (Primary), Susan B. Rempe (Primary), David M. Rogers (Primary), Sameer Varma (Primary), C. Jeffrey Brinker (Primary), Ying-Bing Jiang (Primary), Shaorong Yang (Primary)
A palladium solution for hydrogen leaks Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), University of Tennessee at Knoxville Panos Datskos (Primary), Scott Hunter (Primary), Nickolay Lavrik (Primary), Barton Smith (Primary), James Patton (Primary), Michael Sepaniak (Primary)
A PANTHER that hunts bioaerosols MIT Lincoln Laboratory (M.I.T) Shaun Berry (Primary), Catherine Cabrera (Primary), John D'Angelo (Primary), James Harper (Primary), Mark Hollis (Primary), Joe Lacirignola (Primary), Richard Mathews (Primary), Frances Nargi (Primary), John O'Fallon (Primary), Lalitha Parameswaran (Pr
AFM achieves picometer accuracy Hitachi Ltd. (Yokohama Research Laboratory) Toshihiko Nakata, Takehiro Tachizaki, Masahiro Watanabe
All-in-one RF lets mobile devices stay small Sandia National Laboratories (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Darren W. Branch (Primary), Peggy J. Clews (Primary), Bongsang Kim (Primary), Janet Nguyen (Primary), Christopher D. Nordquist (Primary), Roy Olsson III (Primary), Tracy Peterson (Primary), James E. Stevens (Primary), Jeffrey Stevens (Primary), Melan
Alloy promises better tooling for aerospace parts Duraloy Technologies Inc., Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Alberto Jablonski (Primary), Roman Pankiw (Primary), Donald P. Voke (Primary), Neal D. Evans (Primary), Edward A. Kenik (Primary), Ken Liu (Primary), Jackie R. Mayotte (Primary), Phil J. Maziasz (Primary), Govindarajan Muralidharan (Primary), Michael L.
Autonomous vehicles, fossil-fuel free Sierra Lobo Inc., Office of Naval Research (U.S. Navy), Naval Undersea Warfare Center (U.S. Navy) Bradley N. Stoops, Michelle Anderson, Scott Baaske, Eric Dow, Joseph Fontaine, Mark Haberbusch, Steve Hockenberry, Michael Hoffman, Terry Hui, Vince Jones, Maria Medeiros, Chnih Nguyen, Stan Polhemus, Ray Roberts, Marty Roth, Tony Skaff, Robert Stochl, Da
Battery-driven vehicle makes a clean sweep Tennant Co. Amit Bodas (Primary), Brian Clifton (Primary), Harry Extance (Primary), Adam Mair (Primary), Vipin Pillai (Primary), Alan Riach (Primary), Mike Schaefer (Primary), Ian Sommerville (Primary)
Blast, ballistic, flame protection all in one NanoSonic Inc., U.S. Navy Vince Baranauskas (Primary), Michael Bortner (Primary), Roshdy Barsoum (Co-developer)
Capillary format saves eluent Thermo Fisher Scientific None
Catheter prevents clogging Xeridiem Medical Devices, Clear Catheter Systems Inc., Carbon Design Group Ed Boyle, Principal Developer, Karl Sprague, Principal Developer, Mike Cusak, Nathan Dale, Ira Duesler, Robert Hubler, Joseph Lee, Paul Leonard, Barb Mackintosh, Upendra Puri, Chuck Tomlinson
Cell culture technique sorts stem cell protocols Plasticell Limited Yen Choo, Principal Developer, Jimena Andersen, Lilian Hook, Jey Jeyakumar, Christopher Johnson, Vidya Ramathas, Marina Tarunina
Ceramic film enables hot capacitors Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Uthamalingam Balachandran (Primary), Beihai Ma (Primary), Manoj Narayanan (Primary)
Chemical detection, from a distance Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Hual-Te Chien (Primary), Apostolos C. Raptis (Primary), Shuh-Haw Sheen (Primary), Kevin K. Wang (Primary)
Chemical synergy produces green solvent Y-12 National Security Complex, RockinBoat LLC Ronald F. Simandl, John Brown
Chip-based calorimeter goes to temperature extremes Mettler-Toledo Uli Esser (Primary), Thomas Hutter (Primary), Urs Niedermann (Primary), Urs Wuest (Primary)
Coating clears the way, night or day Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Xiaobo Chen (Primary), Samuel Mao (Primary), Vasileia Zormpa (Primary)
Coating keeps fuel cells vital Faraday Technology Inc., National Energy Technology Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), West Virginia University, West Virginia University/Harbin Institute of Technology (China) Timothy Hall (Primary), Heather McGrabb (Primary), Randall Gemmen (Primary), Christopher Johnson (Primary), Xingbo Liu (Primary), Junwei Wu (Primary)
Code library moves cross-platform MIT Lincoln Laboratory (M.I.T) None
Cold catheter treats abnormal heart rhythms Medtronic Inc. None
Confocal stays true to the surface WITec GmbH Harald Fischer (Primary), Robert Hirsche (Primary), Olaf Hollricher (Primary), Wolfram Ibach (Primary), Detlef Sanchen (Primary), Peter Spizig (Primary), Gerhard Volswinkler (Primary), Jianyong Yang (Primary)
Continuous spark ignites fuel efficiency Southwest Research Institute Terrence F. Alger II (Primary), Bruce Bykowski (Primary), Jess Gingrich (Primary), Barrett Mangold (Primary), Charles Roberts (Primary)
Controlled porosity elevates performance of cathodes Calabazas Creek Research Inc., Ron Witherspoon Inc. George Collins (Primary), Lou Falce (Primary), R. Lawrence Ives (Primary), David Marsden (Primary), Mark Bingham (Primary), Abelardo Gaspar (Primary), Steve Schawrtzkopf (Primary), Bryan Smith (Primary)
Culture is a more natural home for cells Reinnervate Ltd. Ross Carnachan (Primary), Dan Maltman (Primary), Stefan Przyborski (Primary), Gyorgyi Talas (Primary)
Detector innovation identifies wide mass range Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Indiana University, SPECTRO Analytical Instruments/Ametek, University of Arizona, iMAGERLABS David Koppenaal, Principal Developer, M. Bonner Denton, Principal Developer, Dirk Ardelt, Gene Atlas, Charles Barinaga, James Barnes, Jeremy Felton, Gary M. Hieftje, Steve Ray, Greg Schilling, Roger Sperline
Electric cable goes around the bend 3M Co. None
Electron microscope has the touch JEOL USA Inc., JEOL Technics Ltd., JEOL Ltd. Akira Abe (Primary), Takenori Miyahara (Primary), Yasunori Ohta (Primary)
Electrostatic technique ejects ions Brooks Automation Inc., Rutgers University Alexel Ermakov (Primary), Barbara Hinch (Primary), Gerardo A. Brucker (Primary), Paul Arnold (Primary), Steve Blouch (Primary), Fred Funari (Primary), Wesley Graba (Primary), Kathryn Greve (Primary), Scott Hienbuch (Primary), Brian Horvath (Primary), Stev
Faster mapping at higher altitudes MIT Lincoln Laboratory Joseph Adams (Primary), Ross Anderson (Primary), Leonas Bernotas (Primary), Kenneth Burkett (Primary), Brandon Call (Primary), Bob Carlson (Primary), Dave Ceddia (Primary), Vincent Cerrati (Primary), Paul Consalvo (Primary), Jack Duston (Primary), Ro
Faster, cheaper way to clad metal MesoCoat Inc., Edison Materials Technology Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) None
Fastest-ever light deflector Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Susan M. Haynes (Primary), John E. Heebner (Primary), Chiris H. Sarantos (Primary)
Flat panel radar has no moving parts MIT Lincoln Laboratory, M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc. Jeffrey S. Herd, Principal Developer, Glenn Brigham, Douglas Carlson, John Cho, David Conway, Daniel Curcio, Sean Duffy, Sean Tobin, Mark Weber, Christopher Weigand
Fluid additive prevents oil-well blowouts Baker Hughes International, Chevron Energy Technology Co., Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Lucite International Ltd. Roland Bland (Primary), Ron Foley (Primary), Ben Bloys (Primary), Manny Gonzalez (Primary), Robert E. Hermes (Primary), John Daniel (Primary), Ian Robinson (Primary)
Free framework for scientific simulation Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) None
GaAsP detector offers sensitive gain Carl Zeiss MicroImaging LLC Ralf Engelmann (Primary), Oliver Holub (Primary), Mirko Liedtke (Primary), Thomas Mehner (Primary), Joerg Pacholik (Primary), Nico Presser (Primary), Jörg Steinert (Primary), Silvio Zoellner (Primary)
Gelatin offers key to contamination clean up Environmental Alternatives Inc., Idaho National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Battelle Energy Alliance Dan Crosby (Primary), Randy Martin (Primary), Chris Norton (Primary), D. Craig Cooper (Primary), Rick L. Demmer (Primary), Laurence C. Hull (Primary), Dean R. Peterman (Primary), Julia L. Tripp (Primary), Karen Wright (Primary)
Heat pump saves with gas Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Southwest Gas, IntelliChoice Energy None
High-definition and 3D recording, to go Panasonic Corp. None
Higher emissions, better display Sun Innovations Inc. None
Hip joint minimizes replacement risks Stryker Orthopaedics Antoine Coustance (Primary)
Improving on existing molecular beacons Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Jennifer S. Martinez (Primary), Jaswinder K. Sharma (Primary), James H. Werner (Primary), Hsin-Chih (Tim) Yeh (Primary)
Injector simplifies cancer-fighting synchrotron Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Hiromitsu Inoue (Primary), Takahisa Nagayama (Primary), Kawasaki Sadahiro (Primary), Hirohumi Tanaka (Primary), Satoshi Ueda (Primary), Kazuo Yamamoto (Primary)
Inverter reverses unreliability of PV Princeton Power Systems Inc., Sandia National Laboratories (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Richard Aspinall (Primary), Mahesh Gandhi (Primary), Paul Heavener (Primary), Frank Hoffmann (Primary), Richard Jaccard (Primary), Eugene Kocherov (Primary), Erik Limpaecher (Primary), Karl Mickelson (Primary), Abbas Akhil (Primary), Ward Bower (Primary),
Light source lifetime lifted with laser tech Energetiq Technology Inc. Matthew Besen (Primary), Paul Blackborow (Primary), Ron Collins (Primary), Gordon Hill (Primary), Donald Smith (Primary), Huiling Zhu (Primary)
Liquid metal-jet is on X-ray target Excillum AB Oscar Hemberg (Primary), Johan Kronstedt (Primary), Mikael Otendal (Primary), Björn Sundman (Primary), Per Takman (Primary), Tomi Tuohimaa (Primary)
Long-awaited battery innovation A123 Systems Inc. Brian Pevear (Primary), Mike Brown (Primary), Yin Chen (Primary), Hurley Davis (Primary), Jim Fenton (Primary), Jizeng Jin (Primary), Simon Li (Primary), Brian Makie (Primary), Phil Stephenson (Primary), Todd Stolaruk (Primary)
Microbial detection system prevents recalls, illness Battelle Memorial Institute None
Microfluidics meets magnetic resonance Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Vikram S. Bajaj (Primary), Matthew B. Francis (Primary), Praveena D. Garimella (Primary), Dominic M. Graziani (Primary), Tyler K. Meldrum (Primary), Alexander Pines (Primary), Monica A. Smith (Primary), David E. Wemmer (Primary)
Microspheres offer tiny gas storage Georgia Health Sciences University, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing NA Inc. Bill Dynan (Primary), Ted Day (Primary), Leung Heung (Primary), David Peeler (Primary), Ray Schumacher (Primary), Steven Serkiz (Primary), George Wicks (Primary), Rana Mohtadi (Primary)
Nanofibers shine in new light design RTI International James Bittle (Primary), J. Lynn Davis (Primary), Kimberly Guzan (Primary), Laura Haines (Primary), Li Han (Primary), Galen Hatfield (Primary), Mike Lamvik (Primary), Karmann Mills (Primary), Michele Ostraat (Primary), Chris Ring (Primary)
Nanotubes join zinc to fight corrosion Tesla NanoCoatings Ltd. (EDRC), U.S. Army Engineer Research & Development Center - Construction Engineering Resaerch Laboratory Todd Hawkins (Primary), Susan A. Drozdz (Primary)
New physics lets thyristor reach higher level GeneSIC Semiconductor Inc., Sandia National Laboratories (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Electricity Delivery (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (U.S. Army) Eric Liese (Primary), Ranbir Singh (Primary), Siddarth Sundaresan (Primary), Stanley Atcitty (Primary), Imre Gyuk (Primary)
New playing field for gigahertz oscilloscopes Rigol Technologies Inc. Dawei Chen (Primary), Rui Chen (Primary), Zhenyu Chen (Primary), Guiqiang Gong (Primary), Kun Huang (Primary), Yuqing Huang (Primary), Tao Lu (Primary), Hui Shi (Primary), Dongfang Wang (Primary), Tiejun Wang (Primary), Yue Wang (Primary), Zhiyan Wang
Next-generation processors enhance graphics, speed Intel Corp. Mark Bohr, Principal Developer, Bob Baker, Opher Khan, Tom Piazza, Bob Valentine
Next-generation radiotherapy designed for patient and clinic Varian Medical Systems None
Non-flow sets fuel cell free Callahan Engineering PLLC, Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Inc., McElroy PEM Technologies LLC, NASA (Glenn Research Center ), Qinetiq North America Christopher Callahan (Primary), Alfred Meyer (Primary), William Smith (Primary), James McElroy (Primary), Ken Burke (Primary), Mark Hoberecht (Primary), Ian Jakupca (Primary)
OLED begins new arc for TV Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Tohoku Pioneer Corp. Zenichiro Hara (Primary), Satoru Kiridoshi (Primary), Kazuya Maeshima (Primary), Koji Miyahara (Primary), Takanori Okumura (Primary), Nobuo Terazaki (Primary)
Optical model boosts resolution Bruker Nano Surfaces Division Nelson Blewett (Primary), Florin Munteaunu (Primary), Erik Novak (Primary), Paul Unruh (Primary)
Oscilloscope accelerates with indium phosphide Agilent Technologies Inc. Jay Alexander (Primary), Ned Brush (Primary), Ryan Carlino (Primary), Dave Dascher (Primary), Brad Doerr (Primary), Steve Draving (Primary), Chris Duff (Primary), Nick Fernandez (Primary), Tim Figge (Primary), Dave Gisssel (Primary), Marty Grove (Prima
Parallel acquisition speeds PV testing National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Tau Science Corp. Brian Egaas (Primary), Rommel Noufi (Primary), Paul Stradins (Primary), David Young (Primary), Mark Arbore (Primary), Greg Horner (Primary), James Hudson (Primary), David Klein (Primary), John Schmidt (Primary), Leonid Vasilyev (Primary)
Photons serve double duty AOS Solar Inc., National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Anikara Rangappan (Primary), Bhushan Sopori (Primary)
Platinum adds X-ray visibility Accellent Inc., Boston Scientific Corporation Inc., Carpenter Specialty Alloys, Minitubes, ZAC Technisud, National Energy Technology Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Mark Broadley (Primary), Roger Dickenson (Primary), Dennis Boismier (Primary), Matthew Cambronne (Primary), Charles Craig (Primary), Ed Pannek (Primary), Herb Radisch (Primary), Jon Stinson (Primary), Louis Toth (Primary), Thomas Trocero (Primary), Richar
Powder flow measurement gets a twist Brookfield Engineering Labs Inc., The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology at University of Greenwich David Brookkfield (Primary), Michael Doherty (Primary), Jason Hartshorn (Primary), Frank Kelly (Primary), Alex Mak (Primary), Teresa McKim (Primary), Richard Thorpe (Primary), Rob Berry (Primary), Mike Bradley (Primary)
Price is right for better nuclear fuel Los Alamos National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Thibault Cantat (Primary), Jaqueline L. Kiplinger (Primary)
Recycled plastic, ingenuity builds bridges Army Facilities Installation Technology Transition Program, Axion International, Department of Defense Corrosion Prevention and Control Program, McLaren Engineering Group, Rutgers University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, U.S. Army Engi Philip Columbus (Primary), James Kerstein (Primary), Steve Silverman (Primary), Daniel Dunmire (Primary), George Assis (Primary), Malcolm McLaren (Primary), Thomas Nosker (Primary), Henry Diaz-Alvarez (Primary), Vincent F. Hock (Primary), Rich
Reusable paper takes on the office Industrial Technology Research Institute Chung-Shu Chang (Primary), Ming-Wei Chang (Primary), Yu-Yang Chang (Primary), Chao-Wen Chen (Primary), Yuh-Shyang Chen (Primary), Kung-Lung Cheng (Primary), Kuo-Chan Chiou (Primary), Chih-Hsin Chiu (Primary), Wan-Wen (Wanda) Chiu (Primary), Chieh-Yi Huang
RF MEMS switch integrates speed and longevity Advanced Diamond Technologies, Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Innovative Micro Technology, MEMtronics Corp., Peregrine Semiconductor John Carlisle (Primary), Hongjun Zeng (Primary), Orlando Auciello (Primary), Anriduha V. Sumant (Primary), Srinath Balachandran (Primary), Chris Gudeman (Primary), Suresh Sampath (Primary), Charles Goldsmith (Primary), James Swonger (Primary)
Rocks at heart of renewable methane Argonne National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Eurisko Scientific LLC Rathin Datta (Primary), Meltem Urgun Demirtas (Primary), Richard D. Doctor (Primary), Michael P. Henry (Primary), Seth W. Snyder (Primary), George Crandell (Primary), Richard Leber (Primary), Taras Lysenko (Primary)
Sample prep system speeds serum to mass spec Perfinity Biosciences Inc., Purdue University, Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc. Nicholas Herold (Primary), Kevin W. Meyer (Primary), Fred Regnier (Primary), Scott Kuzdzal (Secondary?)
Scalable server saves resources, space Dell Inc. Sandor Farkas (Primary), Rob Bassman (Primary), Joseph Cuteri (Primary), Yongping Ding (Primary), Arnold Dobson (Primary), Bob Edwards (Primary), Chad Fenner (Primary), Dennis Garrison (Primary), Tom Garvens (Primary), Teresa Gillon (Primary), Jonathan Kw
Scanning probe microscopy raises its hand NT-MDT Andrew Bykov (Primary), Vladimir Kotov (Primary), Aleksandr Mazmanyan (Primary), Vyacheslav Polyakov (Primary), Evgeniy Romanov (Primary), Robert Wynne (Primary)
Segments put medical image in focus NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center), Bartron Medical Imaging Inc. None
Self-assembly overcomes superparamagnetism Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Claudia Cantoni (Primary), Amit Goyal (Primary), Junsoo Shin (Primary), James R. Thompson (Primary)
Sensing, sans electric circuitry NASA (Langley Research Center), National Institute of Aerospace, ATK Spacecraft Systems & Services Bryant D. Taylor (Primary), Chuantong Wang (Primary), Stanley E. Woodard (Primary)
Sensor monitors atmospheric particulates in real time NASA (Glenn Research Center), Cleveland State University, National Center for Space Exploration Paul Greenberg (Primary), David Fischer (Primary), James A. Lock (Primary), William Yanis (Primary)
Silicon ink boosts solar efficiency Innovalight Inc., National Renewable Energy Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Malcolm Abbott (Primary), Homer Antoniadis (Primary), Michael Burrows (Primary), Nick Cravalho (Primary), Maxim Kelman (Primary), Hyungrak Kim (Primary), Francesco Lemmi (Primary), Andreas Meisel (Primary), Raymond Meng (Primary), Dmitry Poplavskyy (Prima
Smaller, faster, cheaper titanium ingots Advanced Design Industries Inc., American Engineering & Manufacturing, RTI International Metals Inc., U.S. Army ARDEC RDAR-MEE Kurt Lauer (Primary), Michael Winiasz (Primary), Rob DeGrange (Primary), Michael P. Jacques (Primary), Bert Newman (Primary), Shane Probst (Primary), Frank P. Spadafora (Primary), Kuang-O (Oscar) Yu (Primary), Stephen Luckowski (Primary)
Software plugs in to energy use Institute for Information Technology Chi-Cheng Chuang, Principal Developer, Ming-Whei Feng, Principal Developer, Jing-Ping Wang, Ray Chen, Shieh-Ji Tsong, Chung-Yu Wang, Mina Wang
Spectrophotometer, customized for the user Thermo Fisher Scientific Michael Allen (Primary), Bill Bayer (Primary), Mike Daun (Primary), Bill Finch (Primary), Neal Granroth (Primary), Pete Knudtson (Primary), Alan Mark (Primary), Eoin McCarth (Primary), Bob Norton (Primary), Dale Wade (Primary), Rick L. Wirch (Primary)
Spin technology produces nanofiber materials FibeRio Technologies, University of Texas-Pan American Karen Lozano (Primary), Harold Bernard (Primary), Ellery Buchanan (Primary), Carlos Gomez (Primary), Kial Gramley (Primary), Allan Howe (Primary), Steve Kay (Primary), Joe Moore (Primary), Yogeshj Ner (Primary), Ed Peno (Primary), Bharath Raghavan (Primar
Stage integration broadens TEM horizons Brookhaven National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Nanofactory Instruments AB Yimei Zhu (Primary), Johan Angenete (Primary), Andrey Danilov (Primary), Mirko Milas (Primary), Jonathan Rameau (Primary), Matthew Sfeir (Primary)
Steady gas flow smooths manufacturing yields Pivotal Systems Joseph Monkowski, Principal Developer, James Chalmers, Jialing Chen, Tao Ding
Stretched lasers prevent combustion breakdown NASA (Glenn Research Center ), Ohio Aerospace Institute Chi-Ming Lee (Primary), Quang-Viet Nguyen (Primary), Jun Kojima (Primary)
Strong software foundation helps build energy plants National Energy Technology Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), ANSYS Inc. Erik Ferguson (Primary), Sorin Munteanu (Primary), John Widmann (Primary), Stephen E. Zitney (Primary), Lewis Collins (Primary)
Structure and temperature, measured together Hecus X-Ray Systems GmbH, Institute of Biophysics and Nanosystems Research, Setaram Instrumentation, University of Paris (Laboratory Physico-Chimie des Systèmes Polyphasés) Sabine Bodner (Primary), Manfred Kriechbaum (Primary), Peter Laggner (Primary), Stephan Mittendrein (Primary), Heinz Amenitsch (Secondary?), Manfred Kreichbaum (Secondary?), Juliette Guerault (Secondary?), Pierre LeParlouer (Secondary?), Michel Ollivon (
Superconductors lose weight, get flexible National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), University of Colorado Loren Goodrich (Primary), Xifeng Lu (Primary), Danko van der Laan (Primary)
Supermagnets, made in the U.S.A. Materials and Electrochemical Research (MER) Corp. James C. Withers (Primary), Raouf O. Loutfy (Primary), Lixin Wu (Primary)
Test module handles advanced materials Keithley Instruments Inc. Dan Baker (Primary), Alex Ganyukov (Primary), Tricia Gottlob (Primary), John Lilie (Primary), Justin Noble (Primary), Michael Rayman (Primary), Greg Sobolewski (Primary), Lee Stauffer (Primary), Edward Waszkowski (Primary)
The true nature of batteries Idaho National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Montana Tech, Motloch Consulting, Qualtech Systems Inc. John Christopherson (Primary), John L. Morrison (Primary), Chester G. Motloch (Primary), William H. Morrison (Primary)
Things that go bump convert to watts State University of New York at Stony Brook Zachary Brindak (Primary), Xiudong Tang (Primary), Lei Zuo (Primary)
Tools and dies form under pressure Carpenter Powder Products, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Louis Lherbier (Primary), David Novotnak (Primary), Yuri Havanski (Primary), Darrell Herling (Primary), Siva P. Pilli (Primary)
Ultracapacitor wears well Lintertex Co. Ltd., Taiwan Textile Research Institute Y.R. Chen (Primary), Wen-Hsien Ho (Primary), Chung-Po Tsai (Primary)
Uniform aerogel gets the salt out Campbell Applied Physics, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy) Frederic W. Seamon III (Primary), Craig Blue (Primary), Sheng Dai (Primary), David DePaoli (Primary), James Kiggans (Primary), Richard T. Mayes (Primary), Charles R. Schaich (Primary), Costas Tsouris (Primary), Xiqing Wang (Primary)
Vacuum power comes in small package SAES Getters SpA, SAES Advanced Technologies SpA None
Virtualization from desktop to desktop Black Box Network Services, Fiddlehead Inc. Garrett Swindell (Primary), David Peterson (Primary)
X-ray detector delivers more pixels, faster data Brookhaven National Laboratory (U.S. Dept. of Energy), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation D. Peter Siddons, Principal Developer, Chris Ryan, Principal Developer, Peter Davey, Ginaluigi De Geronimo, Roshan Dodanwela, Angelo Dragone, Paul Dunn, Murray Jensen, Robin Kirkham, Anthony J. Kuczewski, Arthur Zhi Yong Li, Gareth Moorhead, Paul O'Connor
X-ray measures in multiple dimensions PANalytical B.V. Roelf Ensink, Principal Developer, Detlef Beckers, Harry Berkhof, Johannes Bethke, Klaus Bethke, Jaap Boksem, Joerg Bolze, Yannick Cocquereau, Remco de Vries, Roelof de Vries, Alexander Dzjiouba, Henk Eikelboom, Henk Faber, Xander Fransen, Stefan Galavazi
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