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R&D 100 Archive of Winners

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Product Organization Co-Developers
3D Polymer Matrix Composite Fiber Materials Inc.
5100 ICP-OES Agilent Technologies
A Deeper Cyber Analysis MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, Columbia University
A Muse for Drug Development Certara
A New Anode for Lithium-ion Batteries Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Zeptor Corp.
A New Class of Neutron Detectors U2D Inc. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Office of Naval Research Kansas State University SMART Laboratory Radiation Detection Technologies, Inc. U2D, Inc. University of Missouri, Columbia University of Missouri, Kansas City
A New Spectrum for Absorption Spectroscopy VUV Analytics, The Market Element
A New Vehicle-Grid Integration System Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A Platform Snapshot Sandia National Laboratories
A Portable Biosensor Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
A Step Towards Fuel Cell Vehicles Toyota Motor Corp.
A True Alternative Fuel National Renewable Energy Laboratory
A Virtual Solution to Improving Energy Plant Operations National Energy Technology Laboratory, Schneider Electric, West Virginia University
A Winning Combination for Samples Shimadzu
Advanced Reasoning Software Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Dept. of Energy), Champion Technology Co. Inc. Rick Berg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Alex Gibson, Champion Technology Company Inc., Frank Greitzer, PsyberAnalytix LLC, Shawn Hampton, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Principal Investigator), Ryan Hohimer, Champion Technology Company I
Advancing Fiber Optics TE Connectivity
aFCL Brookhaven National Laboratory
Airyscan Carl Zeiss Microscopy Richard Ankerhold, Wolfgang Bathe, Ralf Engelmann (Principal Investigator), Dieter Huhse (Principal Investigator), Oliver Holub, Joseph Huff, Chris Power, Ingo Kleppe (Principal Investigator), Ralf Netz, Eugene Novikau
An Electronic Stylus Uneo Inc.
An Intelligent Laser Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, LaserTel Inc.
Antioxidants for Polyurethane Products Milliken & Company
Assessing Computational Behavior Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Authenticating Integrated Circuits Sandia National Laboratories
Better Cell Isolation Houston Methodist Research Institute
Better Chemical Sensing Technology Y-12 National Security Complex
Better Flexible Packaging Dow Performance Plastics, Smart Bottle Inc.
Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM-CI) Cincinnati Incorporated, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Dept. of Energy) Randy Adams, Cincinnati Incorporated, Bobby Baer, Cincinnati Incorporated, Craig Blue, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Jim Bossart, Cincinnati Incorporated, Charles Carnal, Tennessee Tech, Chad Duty, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, James Earle, Local Motors
Binary Pseudo-Random Calibration Tool Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Capture BIOVIA
CO2 Memzyme Sandia National Laboratories, University of New Mexico C. Jeffrey Brinker, University of New Mexico (Principal Investigator), Joseph Cecchi, University of New Mexico, Yaqin Fu, University of New Mexico, Ying-Bing Jiang, University of New Mexico (Principal Investigator), Dian Jiao, Sandia National Laboratories
Device Aids Parkinson's Patients SpeechVive Inc.
Dried Matrix Microsampling Neoteryx
Driving More Efficient LEDs Sandia National Labortories
Economic Switch for HVDC System Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Energy-Efficient Surgical Device Ethicon
Exploring Living Cells in 3D Nanolive SA
Fiber Light Source National Applied Research Laboratories (NARLabs)
Firefighting Water Lights Exits Industrial Technology Research Institute
Fresh Water for Everyone Oak Ridge National Laboratory
GENOA Software Alpha STAR Corp., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Getting to the CORE of HPC Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Mellanox
Getting to the Heart of Visualization Siemens Healthcare Dorin Comaniciu, Siemens Corporation, Corporate Technology (Principal Investigator), Helene Houle, Siemens Corporation, Healthcare Clinical Products, Ultrasound (Principal Investigator), Razvan Ionasec, Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector, Imaging & Therapy Div
GPS Update Southwest Research Institute
Greater Transparency Oak Ridge National Laboratory, United Protective Technologies
Harmony Between Patient and Device Industrial Technology Research Institute
High-Power, Ultra-Fast PCSS UES Inc.
Imaging the Subsurface Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Improving Paint Performance Dow Coating Materials
Improving Structure Health Los Alamos National Laboratory
Improving Vehicle Mass Production Dow Automotive Systems, Ford Motor Co.
Increasing the Life, Integrity of Cased Pipelines Southwest Research Institute Andrew Nordquist, Pavan Shukla (Principal Investigator), Fengmei Song
ionKEY/MS System Waters Corp.
KM-CDR Process Southern Company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Richard Esposito, Southern Company (Principal Investigator), Nick Irvin, southern Company (Principal Investigator), Jerrad Thomas, Southern Company (Principal Investigator), Takahito Yonekawa, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (Principal Investigator)
Large-Scale Development of Carbon Capture and Storage Southern Company, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Lead-Free Solder Bump Plating Dow Electronic Materials
LEAP 5000 (Local Electrode Atom Probe Microscope) CAMECA Instruments Inc.
Lighter Communication NASA Glenn Research Center
Low Energy Consumption Water Filtration Industrial Technology Research Institute
Low-Temperature Curing Silicone Adhesive Dow Corning Corporation, Delphi Automotive PLC
M908 908 Devices
Mass Spec Images on the Web Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Mass Spec on the Web Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
MeshWorks California Eastern Laboratories
MilPak Ascent Solar Technologies Inc.
MINI Z Handheld Z Backscatter Screening System American Science and Engineering Inc.
Model DD110M Hybrid Neutron Generator Adelphi Technology Inc.
Naval Self-Defense Support Tool MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Nengo 2.0 Applied Brain Research Inc. Trevor Bekolay, Xuan Choo, Travis DeWolf, Chris Eliasmith (Principal Investigator), Daniel Rasmussen, Terry Stewart, Peter Suma
New Process Produces Biofuels Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Genifuel Corp.
Next-Gen CAE Software for Engineers MSC Software
No More Constraints for BNNTs Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Boost Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Organic Light Industrial Technology Research Institute
Personal Health Care Device Valtronic Augustus Engstrom (Principal Investigator), Lou Niederlander (Principal Investigator), Jim Ohneck (Principal Investigator)
Polyethylene Nucleating Agent for Injection Molding Milliken & Company
Portable Raman for First Responders Rigaku Raman Technologies
Powering Up The University of Central Florida
Predicting Power Needs Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Purifying Lab Water EMD Millipore Corp.
Putting a Stop to Surgical Bleeding Ethicon
Putting On the Brakes MER Corp.
Quieting Quantum Cascade Lasers Wavelength Electronics Inc.
Rapid Prototyping on the Nanoscale SwissLitho AG
Reprogramming RNA EMD Millipore Corp.
Simplifying Liquid-Liquid Extraction Phenomenex
Simulating Chemical Reactions Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Smarter Cottons Carbtex Technology Inc.
Sophisticated Ion Source Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Ardara Technologies LP
SpyGlass DS Direct Visualization System Boston Scientific Corp.
Stand-Up Materials Dow Performance Plastics
Streamlining Water Quality Hach Company
Superior 3D Printing Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Surveillance for Better Protection MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Swept Distributed Sensing System Insight Photonic Solutions Inc.
Switch on the Power United Silicon Carbide Inc., Sandia National Laboratories
Technology Drops-In to Impact Alternative Fuels Greyrock Energy
Temperature Scanning DeltaTrak Inc.
Thermo Scientific Gemini Analyzer Thermo Fisher Scientific Michael Bush (Principal Investigator), Paul Caruso (Principal Investigator), Paul Estabrooks (Principal Investigator), Mike Hargreaves (Principal Investigator), Chris Langford (Principal Investigator), Stephen McLaughlin (Principal Investigator), Lin Zhan
TrueNorth IBM Filipp Akopyan, Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza, Arnon Amir, Alexander Anderopoulos, Rathinakumar Appuswamy, John Arthur, Sameh Asaad, Christian Baks, Ralph Bellofatto, Bernard Brezzo, Andrew Cassidy, Charles Cox, Pallab Datta, Steven Esser, Myron Flickner, Daniel
Underground Power Distribution Upgrade Dow Performance Plastics
Versatile Hard Carbon Microspheres Made for Plastic Waste Argonne National Laboratory
Wireless Charging Qualcomm
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