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R&D 100 Archive of Winners

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Product Organization Co-Developers
Amplatzer Piccolo™ Occluder Abbott
Vaya Handheld Raman Spectrometer Agilent Technologies
ElectroCorrosion Toolkit™ Argonne National Laboratory
WATCHMAN FLX Left Atrial Appendage Closure (LAAC) Device Boston Scientific Corporation
DermaClip Non-Invasive Skin Closure Device DermaClip US, LLC
The Electron Diffractometer ELDICO Scientific AG
Three Electrodes Coin Cell General Motors Arbin Instruments
CoDeAc (Colorimetric Detection of Actinides) Idaho National Laboratory
CCM® Therapy: A Breakthrough Treatment Option for Heart Failure Impulse Dynamics
VHX-7000 Digital Microscope Keyence Corporation of America
Keysight E7515B UXM 5G Wireless Test Platform Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Flow-Through Microelectrode Cell for Precision Electroanalytical Chemistry Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Smart Microbial Cell Technology: A high‐throughput platform to optimize biocatalysts Los Alamos National Laboratory
SEDONA: SpEctroscopic Detection Of Nerve Agents Los Alamos National Laboratory
Blazar™ Platform MilliporeSigma
Reconnaissance of Influence Operations (RIO) MIT Lincoln Laboratory
ChemSitu Microfluidic Technology for In Situ Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Microfluidic Devices Oak Ridge National Laboratory
EGA 4000 Evolved Gas Analysis System PerkinElmer Inc.
AI-Rad Companion Chest CT Siemens Healthineers AG
Ion Torrent Genexus System Thermo Fisher Scientific
PBI: Public Biometric Infrastructure Hitachi, Ltd.
Matter-wave modulating secure quantum communicator (MMQ-Com) Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Molecular Foundry University of Tübingen,Department of Physics
QUIC-Fire: A Fast 3D Fire-Atmosphere Feedback Model for Complex Wildland Fire Management Los Alamos National Laboratory U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service Tall Timbers Research Station
Legion: A data-centric programming system Los Alamos National Laboratory NVIDIA University of California – Davis,Sandia National Laboratories,Stanford University,SLAC,National Accelerator Laboratory
Cluster Integrity, Exception Resolution, and Reclustering Algorithm (CIERRA) Los Alamos National Laboratory University of Maryland
Defensive Wire Routing for Untrusted Integrated Circuit Fabrication MIT Lincoln Laboratory
TeraByte InfraRed Delivery (TBIRD): 200 Gigabits-per-Second Free Space Optical Communications MIT Lincoln Laboratory National Aeronautics and Space Administration
XRPBS: X-ray Polarizing Beam Splitter Nevada National Security Site Sandia National Laboratory,Argonne National Laboratory,Ecopulse
Artificial intelligence early warning heart disease technology OSTAR Meditech Corp.
Millimeter-Wave Shoe Scanner Pacific Northwest National Laboratory U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate
Deep Sub-Micron Process MOSFETs with Maximum Gate Voltage of 280 V for Li-ion Battery Management IC Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. DENSO CORPORATION
Lower Power Loss RC-IGBT for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc.,DENSO CORPORATION
Air Co. Carbon Dioxide Conversion to Ethanol Air Company
Versatile Method for Preparing Highly Effective Electro-catalyst for CO2 to Chemical Conversion Argonne National Laboratory Northern Illinois University
DOWSIL™ EI-2888 Primerless Silicone Encapsulant Dow Chemical
ENGAGE™ 11000 Polyolefin Elastomers Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics
DOWSIL™ EC-6601 Electrically Conductive Adhesive Enables Next Generation Electronic Devices Dow Performance Silicones
Superconducting MgB2 wire for high-efficiency electromagnets Hitachi, Ltd. KEK/CERN
Carbon Capture & Utilization through Reduction Electrolysis (Carbon CURE) Idaho National Laboratory
Networked Amide Epoxy Polymer Electrolyte for Solid State Lithium-Ion Batteries, NAEPE Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Dye-sensitized cell (DSC) as Energy source Of Sensors, D-EOS Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Formosa Plastics Industry Co.,Ltd.
Solid Lithium Battery (SLiB) Using Hard and Soft Solid Electrolytes Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Montana State University
Amanzi–ATS: Modeling Environmental Systems across Scales Los Alamos National Laboratory Oak Ridge National Laboratory,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
OrganiCam: First camera for noncontact, nondestructive biodetection in remote environments and space Los Alamos National Laboratory University of Hawai’i
Ceramic Ion Exchange Membranes Membrion, Inc.
Controllable Hydro-Reactive Magnesium Alloy Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)
(Continuously) Rotating Wind Turbine UAV Inspection System Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC)
Ultrasound Nano Bubble Cold Brew Coffee and Tea Machine Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Severin Asia Ltd.
Solar on the Move: All-Perovskite Tandem Technology Jump-Starts the Pursuit of Photovoltaic-Powered Vehicles National Renewable Energy Laboratory
NEOSEED® NR-8800 -durable water repellent (DWR) for textile NICCA Chemical Co., Ltd. Dow Performance Silicones
A New Cobalt-Free Li-ion Battery Cathode Material Oak Ridge National Laboratory Sparkz
Self-Healing Cement Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Overspray free paint application PPG Dürr Systems AG
PPG Clean-Surface Technology™ PPG
Laser Coating Removal Robot (LCR robot) Southwest Research Institute XYREC
New Generation of Electrostatic Based Self-Cleaning Technology for Increasing Energy Yield from Dusty Solar Panels Superclean Glass Inc Stony Brook University
RHOBARR™ 320 Polyolefin Dispersion for Paper and Board The Dow Chemical Company
Porous Graphitic Frameworks for Sustainable High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries The Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab)
Bonded MetPreg™ Repair Touchstone Research Laboratory, Ltd.
Cobalt-free laser-clad valve seat in fuel-flexible hybrid electric vehicles Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc. Toyota Motor Corporation
C2G: NETL’s Low-Cost Coal-to-Graphene Manufacturing Process U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory Ramaco Carbon
High entropy alloy catalysts University of Maryland Johns Hopkins University
Transforming the Production of Carbon Nanotubes using Carbon Dioxide Vanderbilt University SkyNano LLC
UltraPole™ NXT Viance, LLC DuPont Microbial Control
TEPEZZA Horizon Therapeutics plc
HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D Printing Solution HP 3D Printing
Versatile Cold Spray Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory TTEC Thermoelectric Technologies
Multi-burn Solid Rocket: Revolutionizing heritage technology to solve emerging space problems Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dynamic Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy Enables Low-Cost, High-Performance Solar Cells and Other Semiconductors Devices National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Integrated Hydrogen Sensor/Separator Module Provides Long-Term Boost in Efficiency and Revenue in Solar Power Plants National Renewable Energy Laboratory Acciona Solar Power,Inc.
Biomacromolecule Engineering by Soft Chain Coupling Technology Oak Ridge National laboratory
Shear Assisted Processing and Extrusion, ShAPE™ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Ultrasonic Extraction-Reaction Process System For Optimal Distilled Spirits Persedo LLC
ReliaCoat Command Center: Autonomous Sensor Integration for Digital Thermal Spray Manufacturing ReliaCoat Technologies, LLC
Binary Solvent Diffusion For Fabrication of Large Nanoparticle Supercrystals Sandia National Laboratories
Electric Thermal Energy Storage – Key Element for the Energy Transition Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
The Resilience Planning and Analysis Tool (RAPT) Argonne National Laboratory Federal Emergency Management Agency
TIDE (Threat Identification, Determination, and Evaluation) Argonne National Laboratory U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Federal Protective Service (FPS)
Crop Artificial Intelligence Quotient (Crop AIQ) Idaho National Laboratory
A Smart-Care Solution for Chronic Wound, iSCare Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)
Production Decision Support System (PDSS) with Digital Twins Solution for Bicycle Industry Institute for Information Industry
M2R2 CLLBC Multimode Radioisotope Identification Detector (RIID) Kromek Group PLC
Building Efficiency Targeting Tool for Energy Retrofits (BETTER) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Johnson Controls
Timely Randomization Applied to Commodity Executables at Runtime (TRACER) MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Keylime MIT Lincoln Laboratory
FOVEA (Forensic Video Exploitation and Analysis) Tool Suite MIT Lincoln Laboratory Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate
LAVA: Large-Scale Vulnerability Addition MIT Lincoln Laboratory New York University Northeastern University
CyberPow: Cyber Sensing for Power Outage Detection MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Regional Energy Deployment System 2.0 National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Handheld Sensor for Screening Crop Quality Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) The Ohio State University (OSU)
Rapid Analytics for Disaster Response (RADR) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
nanoHUB: Making simulation and data pervasive Purdue University University of California,San Diego
SeedMeLab – A branded data repository for teams San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego
Tracktable Sandia National Laboratories
High-density Evaluator of COTS Applications for Trust and Efficacy (HECATE) Sandia National Laboratories
FAST 3D Camera for optimized radiation dose and image quality in Computed Tomography Siemens Healthineers AG
EW Test System (EWTS) for System Performance and Real Time Analysis (SPARTA) Southwest Research Institute
Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 Chromatography Data System Thermo Fisher Scientific
IDAES PSE Computational Platform U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory Carnegie Mellon University,Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,Sandia National Laboratories,University of Notre Dame,and West Virginia University
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