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Product Organization Co-Developers
Accelerating Rate Calorimeter Columbia Scientific Industries Corp., Dow Chemical Co. , D. Townsend, V. Caldecourt, E. Timm, R. Solem
Accurel Armak Co. (Akzona) A. Castro
Acoustic Indicator for Surface and Subsea Vessels RS/906 Honeywell Inc. Gil Raudsep
AO SRIII American Optical Corp. D. L. Guyton, S. B. Persson
C-Cubed Darlington General Electric Co. S. Krishna
C-MOS Memory HM6147 Hitachi Ltd. T. Makimota
Corrosive-Resistant Thermal Barrier Coating Department of Energy, NASA (Lewis Research Center) , S. R. Levine, P. E. Hodge, R. A. Miller
DEC System 2020 Digital Equipment Corp. Robert Reid
Deep Ocean Sampler National Bureau of Standards Harry Davis, Meyer Waxman
DOT Alloys Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide/Nuclear) C. T. Liu, H. Inouye, A.C. Schaffhauser
Dow Corning 888 Dow Corning Co. J. S. Kummins
Electrodeposited Iron Foil Gould Inc. P. K. Subramanyan
EM-109 Transmission Electron Microscope Carl Zeiss Inc. E. Guetter, W. Egle
EMBA-III Extranuclear Laboratories Inc. R. T. Brackmann
Energy-Saver Solid-State Relay for Induction Motor Electronic Relays Inc., NASA (Marshall Space Center) J. E. Pascente, F. Nola
F-100 Compressor Stator Link Gould Inc., Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (Gov. Prod), U. S. Air Force Systems Command (Air Force Materials Lab/Manufacturing Tech), United Tech. Corp E. L. Thellmann, N. E. Alber, George Brodi, Larry P. Clark
FAST-LC System Technicon Instruments Corp. D. Burns
Fire-Barrier Sheet 3M Co. (Technical Ceramic Products ) R. R. Licht
Fire-Resistant Diesel Fuel Southwest Research Institute, U. S. Army (Energy and Water Res. Lab.) George E. Fodor, W. D. Weatherford, Bernard R. Wright
Flow Injection Analyzer FIA 1000 Lachat Chemicals Inc. C. B. Ranger
Gel-Sphere-Pac Process Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide/Nuclear )
Haynes Alloy No. 711 Cabot Corp. W. L. Silence
Heliophase AETA Corp. Roger F. French
Hewlett Packard 300 Hewlett-Packard Co. James Cockrum
Hexsyn Rubber Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. R. M. Pierson, J. Lal
High Power RF Field Effect Transistors Varian Associates (Communications Transistor Corp.) S. Ludvik
Hollow Roller Bearing Torrington Co. (Ingersoll-Rand ) W. L. Bowen
ikon Lampas M2 Nippon Kogaku K. K. K. Nakazawa, A. Tanimoto
Imaging Particle Detector SSL Model 239 Surface Science Laboratories Inc. C. Carlson, M. Kelly
ixiscope NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center) J. I. Trombka, S. M. Seltzer
Kevex Analyst Kevex Corp. G. W. Kramer, G. W. Meyer
Koralox General Electric Co. M. T. Borom, Wayne Pasco, Frederic Klug, Irvin Huseby
Lamma 500 Laser Microprobe Mass Analyzer Leybold-Heraeus GmbH R. Wechsung
LaRC-160 Polyimide Matrix Resin NASA (Langley Research Center) T. L. St. Clair
Laser Diode HLP 3000 Hitachi Ltd. Yasushi Koga
Light Pen System Varian Associates (Ultrasound ) R. Daigle
Lixiscope NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center) L. I. Yin
Low Cost Thin Film Solar Cell University of Delaware (Inst. Of Energy Conversion) Allen M. Barnett, Julio A. Bragagnolo, Robert B. Hall, James E. Phillips, John D. Meakin
Low-Cost Laser-Diffused Solar Cells Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide ) J. Narayan, R. T. Young, R. F. Wood
Mead Opas Mead Corp. G. T. Davis
Mettler PC 4400 Mettler Instruments AG P. Kunz
Microshell Pellet KMS Fusion Inc. David E. Solomon
MiDiCIMS-2450 Analytical Mass Spectrometer Extranuclear Laboratories Inc. M. W. Siegel
Model 1020 Very Wide Range Ion Gauge Alto Engineering D. Briglia, M. Paige
Model 1204 SpectroMonitor III Laboratory Data Control Evans Goodnight, Brian Leaver, Emmett Watson
Model 18890 Thin-Film Rayotube General Signal Corp. (Leeds & Northrup Co.) R. D. Baxter
Model 380A Tunable CW Ring Dye Laser Spectra-Physics Corp. Steven M. Jarrett
Model 480 Digital Ammeter Keithley Instruments Inc. R. A. Miles
Model 5000 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Perkin-Elmer Corp. T. W. Barnard
Model 642 Electrometer Keithley Instruments Inc. R. J. Erdman
Model 8566A Microwave Spectrum Analyzer Hewlett-Packard Co. S. Linkwitz, D. Humphreys, J. Lamy, L. Martin
Model 965 Photo-Conductivity Detector Tracor Inc. Randall C. Hall
Model 97-08 Orion Orion Research Inc. W. M Krebs, R. Ernst, S. Shiller
Model M-150C ALC/GPC Waters Associates John Nelson
Model RSK-D1 RS232C Fiberoptic Data Transmission Link Fibronic Ltd., Valtec Corp.
Models QV-2 and QH-2 Q/Pac High Capacitance Power Distribution Element Rogers Corp. D. H. DeVries
Molten Salt Chemical Waste Destruction System Rockwell International S. J. Yosim
MSC 88010 Flipac GaAs Power FET Microwave Semiconductor Corp. L. Drukier, J. W. Thompson
Narrow-Gap Liquid-Metal Current Collector General Electric Co.
NasvyTrac NASA (Lewis Research Center), Transmission Research Inc. , A. L. Nasvytis
Nd-Doped Fluorophosphate Laser Glass Hoya, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (Y-Div.), National Bureau of Standards, Owens-Illinois, Schott T. Izumitami, Marvin J. Weber, S. E. Stokowski, E. P. Wallerstein, W. Haller, P. Vergano, C. Rapp, K. Mader, N. Neuroth
Nikon Lampas M2 Nippon Kogaku K. K. S. Yoshida
Omnigraphic Series 100 Bausch & Lomb Inc. (Houston Instruments) James Parnell
Oxford 470-41 NMR Magnet Oxford Instruments, Science Research Council (Rutherford Lab) R. Wheatley, Nr. Didcot
Passive Solar Energy Heating Module M.I.T. Shawn Buckley
Phase Monitoring Inspection System M.I.T. S. Buckley
Powerclad Electroprimer SA-6412 Northrup Corp., Sherwin-Williams Co. S. L. Diener, S. J. Mels
Prep I Du Pont Co. J. G. Forsythe, D. R. Johnson, L. M. St. Onge
Prima ITT Rayonier Inc. T. E. Muller
Process for Granular Activated Carbon Carborundum Co. (Kennecott Copper Corp.) H. Murty, A. Pietrantuone
Prop Phillips Petroleum Co. M. M. Johnson, G. P. Nowack, D. C. Tyler
PW1400 X-Ray Spectrometer N. V. Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken D. Gotz, L. Augustus, A. Wolf
PZ555 Inchworm System Burleigh Instruments Inc. W. G. May, C. Hoffman
R-1 UV Radiation Hazard Monitor Oakwood Electronic Systems Inc. Mark Sobottke, Clifford Kruer
Redox Energy Storage System NASA (Lewis Research Center) Lawrence H. Thaller
Silicate Cluster 102 Olin Corp. K. O. Knollmueller
Silicon Crystal Ingots with Square Cross-Section Crystal Systems Inc. Frederick Schmid, Chandra P. Khattak
Single Stage Coal Combustor/Gasifier General Electric Co. (Space Sciences Lab) Satoaki Omori, Charles S. Cook
Sirotem Commonwealth Scientific & Ind. Res. Org, Geoex Pty. Ltd. G. Buselli, B. O'Neill
Speak and Spell Texas Instruments Inc. Paul Breedlove, Jim Moore, Larry Brantingham, Richard Wiggins, Gene Frantz
Spectromonitor III UV Laboratory Data Control Dennis Janzen
Spectrum Efficient Network for Satellite Comm. Army Satellite Communications Agency, Defense Communication Engineering Center, Westinghouse Electric Corp. , R. Moore
Speeflo ElectroGasDynamics Inc. D. H. Malcolm
Submillimeter Wave Spectrometer M.I.T. H. R. Fetterman
Sulphlex Southwest Research Institute Allen Ludwig, John Dale, Henry Frazier
Superconductive Tunnel Junction Transistor Argonne National Laboratory K. E. Gray
Tapered Fluidized Bed Bioreactor Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Union Carbide/Nuclear) C. D. Scott, C. W. Hancher, D. D. Lee
Thallous Chloride T1 201 New England Nuclear I. Gruverman
Thorstrand Hexcel Corp., MBAssociates G. L. Patz, D. Davenport
Toroid Joining Gun NASA (Langley Research Center) J. D. Buckley, R. J. Swain, R. L. Fox
Translation Kit/Reticulocyte Lysate Methionine New England Nuclear M. J. Stone, T. D. Stevens
Trapped Miner Electromagnetic Tramsmitter U. S. Bureau of Mines H. K. Sacks, John N. Murphy, John Durkin
Tri-Max International Petroleum Engineering Corp. A. A. Sheshtawy
Triggered Vacuum Gap Circuit Interrupter TVGR-1 General Electric Co. J. A. Rich, C. P. Goody, J. C. Sofianek
Truetemp 8100 Williamson Corp. A. S. Anderson, J. J. Cardarelli
TV Monitoring Process for Electron Beam Welding Union Carbide Corp. (Nuclear ) C. M. Davenport, J. J Henry, K. A. Kitzke
Ultrathin Metal Foil Lebow Corp. E. B. Graper
Water Recycling System Purecycle Corp. Howard W. Selby
Watermark EMI Ltd. H. Clow
Waycool Varian Associates R. Paretra
X-Ray Magnifier National Bureau of Standards Masao Kuriyama, W. J. Boettinger, H. E. Burdette
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